Quality System


  • Working within the requirements of regulation, the operational framework and other mandatory policies and processes,
  • Obtaining and maintaining applicable national and international certifications in line with business objectives,
  • Obtaining effective measurement of customer satisfaction,
  • Application of corrective actions and risk and opportunity management to deliver affordable solutions,
  • Obtaining effective deployment of executive management review to eliminate surprises and enable timely risk mitigation,
  • Deployment of an effective lessons learned system to aid continual improvement and monitoring their adoption by the business,
  • Creating and support the provision of safe products and services,
  • To create a company culture based on equality, integrity, team work.


As Nurol CAS, we provide products and services to our domestic and foreign customers within the framework of applicable laws and regulations, in line with our ideal, duties and goals:

  • Planning, establishing, operating, controlling and improving an information security management system compatible with ISO 27001 standard,
  • Determining the relevant roles and responsibilities for the establishment, operation and continuity of the system,
  • Setting targets in this direction and evaluating their suitability in certain periods,
  • Determining the information assets of the institution and managing the risks on them,
  • In order to meet the requirements of the system appropiately, determining business impact analysis sheet, continuity of the targets, and business continuity strategies,
  • To protect the confidentialty, integrity and accessibility aspect of corporate information,
  • To allocate the necessary resources to increase the competencies of our employees in order to meet the requirements of the system and to operate it effectively and to plan relevant training programs,
  • To carry out regular reviews in order to continiously improve the processes and activities for the execution of the system,
  • Planning awareness - raising and guiding activities to ensure the participation and compliance of all our personnel and business partners in the information security management system in accordance with our holistic approach,
  • Guaranteeing compliance with standards, legal regulations and contract requirements as per our management policy,
  • We undertake to implement our information security management system as an indispensable part of our corporate culture.