About Us

Nurol Controls and Avionics Systems Inc., was established in 2015 as 51% of the shares owned by Nurol Holding and 49% by BAE Systems Overseas Limited with the title of Nurol BAE Systems Air Systems Inc. As of November 21st, 2022, all the  shares of  BAE Systems Ovrseas Limited  have been  has acquired by Nurol Holding and the  title of the Company has been changed as Nurol Controls & Avionics Systems Inc.

Chairman of the Board: Mehmet Oğuz Çarmıklı

Members of the Board of Directors: Eyüp Sabri Çarmıklı, Gürol Çarmıklı, Oğuzhan Çarmıklı, Feyiz Erdoğan, Engin Ufuk Akyol, Selim Baybaş

General Manager: Eray Gokalp